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30-11-2003:Still alive :). Work on my thesis now consumes most of my time... but I finished the update version of demo2. Most bugs are now gone and I've added some new objects to play with: a torus, a spiral and a knot.
I hope you enjoy it, and if you like it don't be ashamed to let me know (or to let me know what you don't like about it.)
(At least one good thing in this world where some morons really are giving it their best shot lately to start a new World War...maybe they forgot: the previous 2 weren't that fun at all...just ask the ppl who lived through them)

08-11-2003:It has been a long time since my last update...but at the moment I'm very busy with my thesis ( ~ big project to get my Masters). It's about Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC), a research field which seems to be exploding at the moment. There are barely articles from before the '90's, but from recent years the amount is gigantic. For those interested this BEC for dummies is a place to visit. It covers the basics quit nicely and still is very easy to understand (the applets are really fun to play with, try to beat my record of 29 atoms in a BEC on the evaporative cooling applet :D ).

The engine on the other hand gave me some serious problems (still does). The demo2 turned out some little very hard to track buggs. The camera-relocation function still isn't working alright but we are closing in on the (most recent) problem. Former problems showed I had some error in one of the transformationfunctions (as it wasn't an important one I hadn't noticed anything before) and some of the vectoroperations needed cleaning.
Time being an issue (really need to start writing some chapters for my thesis) it might be a while before this problem gets solved and an upgraded version of Demo2 can be created & uploaded.
Look what I found at the JILA website. A smiley BEC. (who said scientists don't are able to have fun :) )

smiley BEC at JILA

28-09-2003: I just noticed the dates of the last entries on the 3D-engine page were wrong, somehow I must have thought September's was only the 8th month of the year...(must be old age ;-) ).
And now an other surprise: The second demo of the 3D engine is ready.:D
I know, it's still slow and can't be compared to eg. a Q3 engine. But bear in mind I don't use OpenGL or DirectX or any other prefabricated library specially created for 3D or high speed graphics. For more info about the demo just go take a look at the 3D-engine page

Helium in a box

23-09-2003: It's a small miracle. I just finished the upgrade to pointers and got rid of all the bugs (With the help of the nice ppl of the DelphiNL forum. thx again). The only thing left to do is check the think for memory-leakage...

11-09-2003(rant!): I heard something really funny today. Somehow 11/9 seem to have become a holiday in America. "Patriot day" or something. Shouldn't it have been more logical if it were a holiday for terorists? But then again there are still a few thousand people imprisoned by the US military and they are still shooting Iraqi and Afghan people and police-officers by "accident"(?). It's a strange world we live in these days.

Now on a less surreal note, online comics are really fun. I found 2 extremely good online comics some time ago.
Megatokyo & Underpower
Megatokyo is actually quite fluffy and sweet...did I really write that :o. It's about 2 kids getting stranded in Japan. The first, named Piro is shy as hell, but girls adore him, which gives rise to some pretty funny situations, especially when his conscience (Seraphim) is present. The other boy has played just a few to many CS games and is thus constantly fighting the 3v1l p0w3r5 with his l34t 5k1ll5.
The other comic is called Under Power, about a cynical main character who has to fight some dangerous evil which will destroy the universe. Luckily he gets some "help" from a dude with afro haircut who thinks he still lives in the 60's, a retired Hero(there is a reason why he is retired), a girl who's genome accidently got mixed up with that of a cat(giving her super sharp claws) and finally a little elf, who doesn't says a word, but makes up with her short temper and love for killing things with sharp objects :D. (don't try to keep track of the times she kills Cynical ;-) ).

Megatokyo: Piro and Hayasaka

14-08-2003: I'm still alive...or something like that. Exams were a rush...especially the one of Computational Physics. Had to adapt a Molecular Dynamics program in some specific ways. (and since I don't know any*shiver*FORTRAN*shiver* I had to translate the thing to Delphi before I could start. ) Not that hard, but as a one-man team you really need to squeeze everything out of your time(which was only 3 days :o ). But in the end I was victorious. :D
Last week I again started working on the 3D-engine.

A Cone and a Tube occupying the same space

20-05-2003: Some additions to my 3D engine. The first demo is ready to show some spectacle.

09-05-2003:The 3D-engine I'm working on is doing fine. The first test are quite promising and the images are nice.

2 blood cells under a yellow lamp

09-03-2003: hehe, believe it or not but this little site is entirely W3C validated (of course except the part this free host is adding to my code)

Valid HTML 4.01!

09-02-2003:Voila,done.It should even be viewable with NS :)...
I can start programming again...finally.

10-01-2003:Happy New Year!!!
Made little adjustment to the new layout...softer colors=better for one's eyes...only for the will come later. I'll probably get rid of the different colors.

18-09-2002: Working on the new version of the site. It should be finished in the very near future. :)

??-07-2002 --> 10-08-2002:Did quite some work on the brickbuster-game and the design for the new site. But a painful computercrash caused me to lose almost everything :( (and to make it even worse: the only backup I had on cd is so corrupt 60% of the data got lost :( )

17-05-2002: Just uploaded a new version of BrickBuster.
I got rid of the swirling and created a new bouncing-algo...

17-05-2002: After this last month I really understand the theory of relativity; it's quite simple: If you are working very hard on something, it seems to you like it was only for a few days but IRL a hole month went by.
There were 3 projects we had to do in little groups of 3 or 4 ppl. I really enjoyed working with them on these little projects very much.One of the projects was about gravitational lensing and had a part where I could make use of my programmingskillz. The result of our work is a nifty little program, written in Delphi, which simulates the image of a galaxy distorted by the presence of a gravitational lens(ie an other galaxy).This sometimes creates really neat pictures.
Einstein Radius
tree for the price of one
Radial caustic

In preparation of this project I've been playing around with the pixelcolors in relation to their position in an image, thus creating some very nice-looking backgroundimages for games.(the backgrounds and the new balls and panels of my BrickBuster-game and the backgrounds on this site are a side-effect of this fiddling.)
With the exams coming in the very near future programming will be out of the question the coming month or so...
Morituri te salutant

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